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About Us

Elemental Group is a recycling powerhouse and producer of green metals. Through our subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East We operate a unique urban mine focusing on:
  • Battery metals recovered from end-of-life li-ion batteries.
  • Platinum Group Metals recovered from spent automotive and industrial catalysts.
  • Copper and precious metals recovered from printed circuit boards and other e‑scrap.

Present in the most attractive jurisdictions for recycling

Global headquarters
Groups presence with facilities
Groups sourcing network
Planned facilities expansions 2022F-2025F

Our unique advantage – global collection network

Elemental Group companies operate on 3 continents with physical locations in more than 15 countries with over 50 environmentally licensed, well equipped collection and processing hubs. Through our e-scrap collection network we have direct access to end-of-life batteries originating from small electronics, power tools, scooters and bikes.

Through our most developed, global spent automotive catalyst collection network, we have direct access to thousands of workshops, car service stations, car dismantling stations, OEMs, small and medium scrap yards where end-of-life EV battery and other EV scarp appears.
Collection network stands for huge global urban mine with a target to focus on battery metals.

Attractive asset base in the United States, Europe and Asia

Europe footprint

Collection and processing facilities Global headquarters
30+ locations
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Our European and Middle East waste collection network include over 30 facilities in Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, France, UK and Turkey.

Asia footprint

Collection and processing facilities
5 locations
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In Asia we operate our own waste collection and processing facilities India, Thailand and Malaysia.

United States footprint

Collection and processing facilities Global headquarters
20+ locations
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In Nort America we run over 20 scrap collection centres in USA, including Texas, Florida, Missisipi, Oklahoma, California, Nevada, North Carolina, Indiana, Ilinois, Missouri, Maryland and Michigan.

Thus Elemental realizes a plan to build a global battery metals recycling platform composed of:

  • Global end-of-life li-ion battery collection network,
  • Central refinery of battery metals in Europe,
  • Regional shredding hubs.

Battery recycling in numbers

0 tons of battery scrap for recycling in 2030
0 value of EV battery metals recycling in $ in 2040
0 number of large battery shredding factories of Elemental in 2025
0 number of Elemental collection centers