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Complete solution for OEMs covering collection in own collecting points, logistics, recycling.

The new EU legal framework applicable to batteries

The new European battery legislation, which is expected to be introduced in 2022, sets multiple obligations for OEMs with regards to management of battery waste, such as:
  • Obligation to take back, free of charge, all spent industrial and EV batteries from end users.     
  • Obligation to establish a taking back and collection network that covers the whole territory of the Member States, that is close to the end user and that does not only target areas and batteries where the collection is profitable.
  • Obligation to include the recycled content in new batteries, starting from 1 January 2030:  
    • 12% cobalt (20% from 2035),              
    • 4% lithium (10% from 2035),               
    • 4% nickel (12% from 2035).

Complex solution for OEMs

Our response to the new EU regulation is a comprehensive solution for OEMs with regards to management of EoL batteries and supplying battery materials.
  • a network of equipped and licensed collection centres where OEMs, their customers and partners can dispose EoL batteries,    
  • logistic services – safe transfer of EoL batteries form OEMs and their partners,
  • safe transfer of the EoL batteries to own recycling centres
  • tracking of every industrial and EV battery from disposal to recycling,
  • supply of green metals to OEMs, allowing them to meet recycled content obligation in new batteries

Collection and Logistics

Thanks to our unique global network of waste storage and recycling facilities, including over 30 locations in Europe and 20 locations in the USA we are capable of servicing even most demanding customers and offer a complete scheme for OEMs.

Collection network distinguishes our business model from similar businesses.
We operate our own logistics network and cooperate with reliable partners.

Attractive asset base in the United States, Europe and Asia

Europe footprint

Collection and processing facilities Global headquarters
30+ locations
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Our European and Middle East waste collection network include over 30 facilities in Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, France, UK and Turkey.

Asia footprint

Collection and processing facilities
5 locations
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In Asia we operate our own waste collection and processing facilities India, Thailand and Malaysia.

United States footprint

Collection and processing facilities Global headquarters
20+ locations
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In Nort America we run over 20 scrap collection centres in USA, including Texas, Florida, Missisipi, Oklahoma, California, Nevada, North Carolina, Indiana, Ilinois, Missouri, Maryland and Michigan.

Pick-up from customer’s workshop?
Safe logistics to recycling center?
Battery inspection?

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