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News 30.12.2022

The construction of the Elemental Strategic Metals lithium-ion battery plant has been launched in Zawiercie


Elemental Strategic Metals, a company belonging to the Elemental Holding Group, has started construction of a plant in Zawiercie, in the Silesian Voivodeship, where used lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, batteries from laptops, mobile phones and other devices, as well as catalysts will be recycled.

This month, Atlas Ward Polska Sp. z o. o. – general contractor of the investment Elemental Strategic Metals Sp. z o. o. – started construction works in Zawiercie. It should be completed in the third quarter of next year, informed Łukasz Konarski, Mayor of Zawiercie.

At the same time, recruitment of the staff of the future plant will be carried out. About 150 people will be employed.

Employees with various qualifications will be sought - from machine and device operators, through technologists, to administrative employees. The company will inform about the details on its website, LinkedIn profile and in local media.

The new plant in Zawiercie will recover elements such as lithium, cobalt, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The plant will produce precious metals as well as other materials that can be reused as input for the production of new batteries and other applications in line with the principles of the circular economy.

– The construction of the plant in Zawiercie is an extremely important battery investment in Poland, which is also one of the first in Europe. Our project is based on all environmental standards and aims to support the responsible management of limited resources in a circular economy by recycling metals from the platinum group - emphasizes Paweł Jarski, President of Elemental Holding.

The implementation of the project to build a modern plant with high production capacity was made possible by obtaining long-term financing in the amount of EUR 52 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. To reduce the carbon footprint, also thanks to the funds received from the EBRD, it is possible to build a photovoltaic panel installation, which will be responsible for generating electricity for the plant.